Your Dog's Ancestors

Your dog’s ancestral line may go as far back as 18,000 years.  

An 18,000 year old puppy was found buried inside of a lump of permafrost.  Researchers have nicknamed the prehistoric canine Dogor, which means friend, in a local Siberian language.  

The canine was so well preserved that scientists are able to look at its limbs, whiskers, teeth and fur.  They are also able to determine the sex and age of the canine, putting him at approximately two months old when he passed. The only thing scientists have yet to determine is whether the canine is a dog or wolf.

Up to this point, what mankind has known about the evolution of dogs is unclear.  Scientists vary on when they believe dogs evolved from wolves, some estimating about 15,000 years ago and others about 40,000 years ago.  Knowledge on the subject could change if this canine proves to be the bridge that turned a fierce wolf in a loyal friend.

Researchers are calling the canine subject the best preserved sample of the kind.  Hopefully, further analysis on Dogor’s DNA will shed more light on the history of Man’s Best Friend.
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