NY Official Has Viral ‘Social Justice’ Meltdown Over ‘White Man Bouncing a Brown Baby’ on His Lap

During a Zoom meeting of the New York City Community Education Council for Manhattan District 2 last week, a board member expressed outrage at a colleague for holding a non-white friend’s nephew on his lap.

The video: Robin Broshi, a public education advocate, who is white, is seen in a now-viral video of the meeting chastising Thomas Wrocklage, a fellow progressive who is also white, and telling him to read “White Fragility,” the anti-racist handbook that has skyrocketed up best-seller lists amid an ascendant racial justice movement.
  • "It hurts people when they see a white man bouncing a brown baby on their lap,” Broshi says in the roughly minute-long clip, which has been viewed more than half a million times.
  • After Wrocklage asks how holding his friend’s nephew on his lap is racist, Broshi instructs him to, “Read a book. Read ‘White Fragility.’”
  • Early on in the video, Broshi denies that she is a “social justice warrior,” a pejorative term for hysterical adherents to progressive ideology.
The Great Awokening: In the wake of George Floyd’s death, racial justice sentiment and Black Lives Matter protests have swept the nation in what many liberals see as a long overdue cultural reckoning.
  • These campaigns have had tangible consequences, especially in the media, entertainment and sports industries.
  • Confederate flags have been banned, alleged violators of progressive orthodoxy have lost their jobs and purportedly racially insensitive scenes have been scrubbed from TV shows.
Conservatives and skeptics of progressivism have united in forcefully pushing back against the overreaches of so-called “cancel culture,” at times comparing the moment to Maoist China.
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