WATCH: Anti-Police Protesters Keep Shooting Each Other by Accident

Five anti-racism protesters were wounded by members of their own activist groups on Saturday in a pair of apparently accidental shootings.

Three members of the Not F---ing Around Coalition, an all-black militia, were shot by their comrade on Saturday afternoon ahead of a march in Louisville, Kentucky, to demand justice for Breonna Taylor, according to the police.

  • Several hundred NFAC members were inspecting their firearms when the gun of a female "trainee" was accidentally discharged, according to the group's leader, Atlanta-based rapper and DJ John Johnson, aka "Grand Master Jay."
  • The victims were taken to a local hospital with non-life-threatening injuries, the Louisville Metro Police Department said.
  • The police released surveillance footage of the incident and said they were investigating what happened; they said there were no suspects.
  • No other violence took place at the protest, which was also attended by members of the Black Lives Matter movement and by armed members of the right-wing "Three Percenter" militia.

Two other protesters were shot and injured on Saturday evening by a fellow participant in a march in Aurora, Colorado, against the death of Elijah McClain.

  • The protesters were blocking the interstate, which had consequently been closed, when a Jeep drove through the crowd, footage posted online showed.
  • The vehicle did not appear to hit anyone, but someone fired at it and struck the two protesters, who sustained non-life-threatening injuries, according to the Aurora Police Department.
  • The police said the Jeep was towed and they were investigating the shooting; they released photos of a man they said was a person of interest.
  • Protesters later gathered at police headquarters, where they tore down down a surrounding fence, vandalized and burned buildings and threw objects and fireworks at officers, the police said.
  • The crowd eventually dispersed on orders from the police; no arrests were made.

None of the victims in either of the shootings have been identified.

A protester was also killed in an intentional shooting on Saturday night during a confrontation with a motorist at a Black Lives Matter rally outside the state Capitol in Austin, Texas, authorities said.

  • Another shooting took place on Sunday night in Portland, Oregon, near protests that turned into a riot.

The spate of weekend gun violence followed two months of often-destructive nationwide protests over allegedly systemic racism in policing and in American society.

  • As of July 5, at least 30 people had died during the protests, the large majority in shooting that did not involve police, according to a tally by Wikipedia based on news reports.
  • Some of the violence has been self-inflicted: A 29-year-old man blew himself up while participating in looting in Philadelphia on the night of June 2; and another man shot himself in the foot while protesting outside the police station in Florissant, Missouri; officers provided first aid.

By contrast, anti-lockdown protests earlier this year, which saw often-armed conservatives in many states demand an easing of coronavirus-related restrictions, led to zero shootings.

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