Warren's vague healthcare plan

Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren, the most recent front-runner in the race for President, is being criticized for her vague Medicare-for-All plan.
The twelve remaining Democratic candidates have varying forms of health care plans, all aligning with some version of Medicare-for-All. In light of Tuesday’s debate, Senator Warren has received criticism for her plan, and how it may differ from Senator Bernie Sanders and the other far-left candidates.
While it is difficult to predict and pinpoint just how much a sweeping health care plan will cost Americans, Senator Warren has not explicitly outlined how her health care plan would be financed, and if it may hurt the middle class by raising their taxes.
It remains unclear who benefits and loses under Warren’s healthcare plan, but taxes are likely to rise for the middle class. Medicare-for-All would benefit lower-income and middle-class families the most, but if their taxes are raised to cover the cost, Warren’s plan may cause more harm than good.
Senator Bernie Sanders has been a fervent proponent of his socialist plan, and Senator Warren has aligned herself with him on that policy topic. However, the two have begun to diverge, as Sen. Sanders recently accused Sen. Warren of being a capitalist, as an attempt to differentiate himself from his high-polling opponent.
As the campaign for President continues over the next twelve months and the democratic candidates begin to narrow, Senator Warren will face more criticism of her policies and will inevitably have to devise an explicit answer to the ambiguous Medicare-for-All question.
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