Trump to ban flavored e-cigarettes

Today, President Trump is set to announce a ban on flavored electronic cigarettes, which has caused a rapid increase in vaping trends among Americans, particularly with the youth.

The Food and Drug Administration will soon end the sale of all flavored e-cigarette cartridges, which have become extremely popular. With the reduction of fruity flavors, the only remaining electronic cigarette flavors will be menthol and tobacco.

Earlier this week, President Trump hinted at a total ban on all flavored e-cigarettes, but the ban would not apply to tank vaping systems, which is a less common way to mix flavors. In 2019, fruity flavors were the most commonly reported type of e-cigarette among middle and high school students.

President Trump's actions are a productive step to reduce the use of e-cigarettes, but critics claim that the ban does not go far enough to combat the epidemic. However, the action is seen as a compromise between the Trump administration, whose aim is to stop the rise in teen vaping, and others concerned about the impact on small businesses (The Wall Street Journal).

Polls have indicated that a complete ban could affect certain key battleground states in the 2020 election, but reducing the flavors in order to reduce teen use is a widely accepted plan.

In late 2019, Congress was also busy drafting bills to combat youth vaping, and in 2020, the bans and laws are expected to curb use across the nation.
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