Trump's successful Texas rally

President Trump’s “Keep America Great” rally in Texas last night was as enthusiastic as predicted. The eager crowd gathered to support the President as he remarked on his administration's success, and what policies he hopes to tackle in 2020.
The rally in Texas was a stark contrast to the rally previous held in Minnesota, where protesters and supporters clashed throughout the evening. Rather, the crowd outside the Dallas arena was full of the President’s supporters, as nearly 30,000 stood outside to listen.
President Trump remarked on the Democratic candidates just days after their fourth debate, notably mentioning Vice President Joe Biden, as well as former Rep. Beto O’Rourke, a Texas Native. The President noted that Democrats are pushing an extreme agenda, including two of Texas' democratic politicians running for President.
President Trump spoke on legislation regarding gun laws, tax regulation, and the economy, among other topics. The President noted his accomplishments in lowering unemployment and touched upon the rising income level of minority groups across the nation.
During the debate, the President highlighted issues specific to Texas, including oil, natural gas, and energy policies, and how he was working to alleviate and improve them. While Pres. Trump won Texas in 2016, the state is becoming increasingly more moderate within its cities and across the state. However, the Trump administration has championed proposals to benefit Texans over the past three years.
Despite the criticism that the President has been enduring over the past few weeks regarding impeachment, spirits were high as another rally proved to be successful for President Trump.
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