The Internet's Most Famous Bernie Supporter Gets Exposed for Disdain of Working Class

Social media users accused a prominent Bernie Sanders supporter of hypocrisy after past remarks in which she expressed scorn for wait staff resurfaced this week.

Twitch streamer Neekolul became a media sensation earlier this year after a TikTok video of the 22-year-old dancing in a "Bernie 2020" shirt went viral. The video racked up millions of views on Twitter in only a few days and skyrocketed Neekolul to internet fame.

In an interview with gaming website Kotaku in April following her breakout success, the daughter of Mexican immigrants to the United States cited her working class upbringing to explain her support for Sanders, a democratic socialist who has positioned himself as a champion of the common laborer.

“It’s very upsetting because there are so many things we could do, that we could be as a society working together, rather than people just hoarding money,” Neekolul told Kotaku shortly before Sanders dropped out of the 2020 race. “[People are like] ‘Our taxes are going to be higher.’ And I’m like ‘If it means people having healthcare, or people having free college, I’m more than happy to pay more taxes.’”

However, as Twitter users discovered this week, Neekolul hasn't always been so bullish about expressing solidarity with the working poor.

On Monday, user @sofain unearthed a since-deleted 2017 tweet from the viral superstar, in which she appeared to describe wait staff who expected tips as "entitled" and urged them to get "an actual job that pays minimum wage."  Commenters slammed Neekolul for failing to exhibit the working class sympathies promoted by her favored politician.

Some viewed her attitude as characteristic of Sanders supporters in general.

"I love how Bernie supporters are shocked that actual working class people and union members don't support their champagne socialism," quipped one Twitter user.

There is some evidence that, in practice, being a wealthy socialist isn't an oxymoron.

According to a 2017 survey conducted by the Democratic Socialists of America, nearly a third of its members earned more than $100,000 a year.
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