SNAPSHOT: MAGA Kids Photobomb Biden

President Joe Biden posed for a photo with children decked out in pro-Trump gear, leading social media commenters to claim Biden had been the victim of an epic-troll job.


On Saturday, Biden visited Shanksville, Pennsylvania to lay a wreath at the Flight 93 Memorial and make an appearance at the Shanksville Fire Station, whose members were the first to respond to the Flight 93 crash.


While some interpreted the photo opp as a display of bipartisan unity, conservative commentators roundly mocked Biden for getting “trolled” by the young Trump fans.

  • “Look at the ‘devilish grins’ on those kids’ faces…You know they’re thinking ‘Mom and Dad are gonna LOVE this,'” wrote conservative blogger Missy Crane in response to the image.
  • Biden did not speak at the memorial — or any of the other memorials he visited to commemorate the 20th anniversary of 9/11 — but he did take the opportunity to interact with members of the public.
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