SNAPSHOT: Alex Jones Lights the Internet on Fire by Posing With Leftist ‘It’ Girls

A photograph of Alex Jones embracing two in-vogue leftists is causing a stir on social media.


Dasha Nekrasova, co-host of the “Red Scare” podcast and a recurring character on the HBO hit TV drama “Succession,” posted the picture to Instagram Monday.   

The photo shows Nekrasova and her “Red Scare” co-host, Anna Khachiyan, arm-in-arm with the right-wing polemicist.

  • Khachiyan also posted the image to her Twitter account, where it racked up more than 18,000 likes.
  • “Happy Holidays y’all,” she wrote in a caption to the photo.
  • Other pictures showed the two Bernie Sanders supporters holding firearms, and Chick-fil-A food items were visible in other shots.

Jones made a recent guest appearance on Khachiyan and Nekrasova’s podcast.


The scene inspired an array of emotions on Twitter.

While the “Red Scare” hosts often criticize mainstream liberalism, many commenters were still shocked to see them fraternizing with a “problematic” right-winger like Jones.

  • Some referenced a Connecticut judge’s recent ruling, which found Jones liable for defamation against victims in the 2012 Sandy Hook shooting.
  • Others made note of Jones’ hand positioning.

In 2018, Nekrasova became a viral sensation, and earned the nickname “Sailor Socialism,” after she was interviewed on the street by Jones’ InfoWars website.

“You people have like worms in your brain, honestly,” Nekrasova told an InfoWars reporter while defending her support for socialism and free health care.

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