Sen. Cory Booker Exits Race

Senator Cory Booker is dropping out of the Democratic presidential race, due to a lack of financial resources needed to continue to fund his campaign. 

The New Jersey Senator announced on Monday, that he is no longer running for president in the 2020 Democratic primary. He claims his goal since the beginning was to lead a campaign that could win, but no longer sees a path to victory.

He stated that in order to win the election, his campaign required a larger scale of financial resources that he simply did not have. Throughout his race, he constantly struggled to obtain the financial resources he needed to fund his campaign. A task which would be harder to accomplish by not participating in the upcoming Democratic debate in Iowa and having to shift his focus away from his campaign trail, towards the Impeachment trials.

With Booker’s exit, the 2020 presidential race is becoming less and less diverse. This leaves Deval Patrick, a former Massachusetts governor, as the only African American candidate running for president. 

Running against stronger, well-known candidates did not make it any easier to reach the surge that he needed. Yet, he plans to run for re-election in the Senate.
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