SCOTUS to Debate Obamacare

Monday morning the Supreme Court announced that it would be hearing a case regarding the Affordable Care Act, otherwise known as Obamacare.

This is the third time the health care law comes before the Supreme Court for a debate on its legality.  Democrats have tried urging the Supreme Court to hear the case sooner rather than later in an attempt to keep health care central in debates throughout the race for the White House.  

When the law was originally upheld by the Supreme Court it was ruled that it was constitutional on the basis that it was a tax, not a personal infringement on health care choices.  Debate over Obamacare comes to light once again now that Republicans have eliminated the tax penalty (2017 tax reform) accompanying the law.

Lower courts have ruled Obamacare to be invalid, and it is expected for the Supreme Court to review it in 2021.
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