SCOTUS Rules on Immigration

On Thursday the Supreme Court upheld a ruling by a lower court that stated immigrants with lawful resident status cannot fight deportation due to a previous offense.

The ruling was made in 5-4 fashion with the conservative justices voting in favor of and the liberals voting in opposition to.  Majority opinion stated, “Removal of a lawful permanent resident from the United States is a wrenching process, especially in light of the consequences for family members...And Congress also made a choice to categorically preclude cancellation of removal for noncitizens who have substantial criminal records. Congress may of course amend the law at any time.  In the meanwhile, the Court is constrained to apply the law as enacted by Congress.” (Fox News).

The ruling deals with the language in a statute that states a defendant cannot have a deportation revoked if they had committed an offense that would render an alien inadmissible to the U.S. or removable from the U.S.
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