School Board Member Calls Dad an ‘As*hole’ After Parents Push Back on ‘Diversity’ Curriculum

A heated school board meeting led to a tense confrontation following a discussion about mask policy and Critical Race Theory curriculum.

Background: The scene took place at a Board of Education meeting for New York’s Penfield Central School District on Tuesday evening, when Rick Tyson, whose daughter attends school in the district, told school board member William Yager: “Be respectful. You’re an elected representative to represent us. This is isn’t about you, bud.”

The moment: Yager responded by taunting Tyson and calling him an “as*hole” – a move that prompted the outraged dad to rush the stage where the school board’s members were sitting.

The aftermath: Tyson was interviewed about the incident by Rochester-based local news station WROC-TV.

  • “He started kind of motioning for me to come toward the stage, which I did start walking, then he dropped an F-bomb on me,” Tyson said. “That’s when I walked and jumped up on the stage, not to be physically confrontational, but I wanted to address it with him face to face. By the time I got there he had become essentially unhinged. The superintendent, Dr. Putnam, and a few other board members were basically having to restrain him. He was like, you know, ‘I’m going to take you outside’ kind of stuff. And I just basically went up there to tell him ‘you’re not being respectful, you’re not representing us, and get the hell out of here, get out of this board meeting.’ I’m a passionate parent and there were many others in the room and we all felt kind of disrespected by his cavalier attitude toward our comments.”
  • Tyson told the Daily Wire that the confrontation began after Yager mocked parents who were criticizing the district’s mask policy and “diversity, equity, and inclusion” curriculum.
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