QUOTE OF THE DAY: Women’s March Apologizes for Using ‘Racist’ Number

The Women’s March apologized Tuesday for requesting a donation of $14.92 in an email, saying it hadn’t intended to “make the connection to a year of colonization, conquest, and genocide for Indigenous people.”


The women’s rights advocacy organization made the statement in response to complaints that the figure was a reference to the year Italian explorer Christopher Columbus sailed to the New World.

The Women’s March claimed the amount was based on their average donation for the week, and said the failure to recognize the link to Columbus’ voyage was particularly egregious considering it happened “before Thanksgiving.”

  • Twitter commenters were ruthless in their mockery of what the organization said was “an oversight.”

Thanksgiving, which in part commemorates the 1630 arrival of English settlers in Massachusetts, has become an increasingly problematic holiday for progressives.

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