QUOTE OF THE DAY: MSNBC Guest Rants About ‘White Justice System’

During a recent MSNBC appearance, network guest Elie Mystal said “the white justice system” unjustly acquitted Kyle Rittenhouse.


Mystal, a justice correspondent for The Nation, claimed Judge Bruce Schroeder was “in the tank” for Rittenhouse, telling anchor Tiffany Cross, “This is not a miscarriage of justice; this is justice as working as intended for white people.”

“[Schroeder] continued that bias throughout trial without even getting in to his MAGA ring tones or off-color asian jokes,” Mystal added, referring to two media controversies about the Wisconsin judge. “His actual decision making favored the defendant the entire time. The white justice testimony is designed to be permissive of white violence.”

  • According to Mystal, “until white people reckon with that, we are really not going to go any further.”
  • “Like I know that is hard for a lot of people to understand. This system is permissive of white violence,” he said. “It tries to find a way to empathize and excuse white violence and Kyle Rittenhouse is just the latest beneficiary of that bias in the justice system.”
  • Meanwhile, Mystal took to Twitter to praise the job done by defense attorney Mark Richards.

Outraged progressives have made Rittenhouse out to be a symbol of white supremacy and racism.

  • But there are facts in the case that cast doubt on such a narrative.
  • The men shot by Rittenhouse were all white.
  • Meanwhile, Rittenhouse has described himself as a supporter of the Black Lives Matter movement and criminal justice reform.
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