QUOTE OF THE DAY: Hitler Was a Vaccine Skeptic, Too

Jacobin magazine writer Branko Marcetic contributed to vaccine mandate discourse with an article about the Third Reich’s vaccination policies.


Marcetic’s article for the socialist magazine argued that those who oppose sweeping vaccine mandates like President Joe Biden’s are taking the same position as Adolf Hitler.

  • “Republicans would have found much to like in the Third Reich’s vaccine policy, which was very much in line with their current recommendations: above all, it relaxed requirements for compulsory vaccination that had been in place in Germany for decades at that point, and went with a voluntary approach instead,” he wrote Saturday in “You Know Who Else Opposed Vaccine Mandates? Hitler.”
  • “Maybe instead of using the Nazis to lazily argue something is good or bad — contraception, for instance, or vegetarianism or mustaches — we can just judge a policy on its own merits,” Marcetic concluded, apparently without irony.

Some conservative opponents of mandating the coronavirus vaccine have suggested it is a piece of totalitarian government overreach, while liberals continue to call people and ideas associated with former President Donald Trump “fascist.”

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