QUOTE OF THE DAY: Gender Without Borders

British banking giant HSBC has launched a marketing campaign that seems to champion two of the left’s favorite causes.


“Gender’s just too fluid for borders,” reads a poster seen in a photo posted to Twitter Monday by English journalist Dan Hitchens, who has previously criticized HSBC’s “superficial” advocacy of “cosmopolitanism and diversity.”

The HSBC poster is part of the international financial service firm’s public relations push taking aim at literal and metaphorical “borders” because “they tend to get in the way of possibility.”


Conservative thinkers have warned the rise of “woke capital” as bad news for blue-collar and conservative Americans.

  • “[This arrangement] confirms the blue-collar suspicion that liberalism is no longer organized around working-class economic interests, and it encourages cultural conservatives in their feeling of general besiegement, their sense that all the major institutions of American life, corporate as well as intellectual and cultural, are arrayed against their mores and values and traditions,” wrote New York Times columnist Ross Douthat in 2018.

The U.K.’s withdrawal from the Europe Union has led to price hikes and shortages in the country, underlining how hard it can be to reassert national borders.

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