QUOTE OF THE DAY: Celebrating ‘Phat Coochie Culture’

Journalist Zoe Williams shined a spotlight on the “vulva-positive” community in a recent feature for the Guardian.


Taking female cosmetic surgery on the genitals as a point of departure, Williams praised the online activists who seek to end “vulva anxiety” and celebrate “phat coochie culture.”

  • “[W]hat is driving this shame and disgust that has become so profound that women have been moved to correct it surgically — and could this bold generation Z labia liberation front overturn it all?” Williams wondered.
  • Cornerstones of the movement include “The Vagina Bible” and an art installation called “The Great Wall of Vagina.”
  • “A lot of our work is how to see yourself as sexy, rather than how to look sexy,” Cabby Laffy, the director of the Centre for Psychosexual Health, told Williams.
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