Photo of Dem VP Hopeful Stacey Abrams as ‘Runway Supermodel’ Makes WaPo a Laughingstock on Twitter

Glowing media coverage of Stacey Abrams is nothing new, but a Washington Post Magazine profile of the Democratic politician published on Thursday was too much for many conservatives to take. 

Over the weekend, Twitter erupted in mockery of the near-worshipful article — and particularly of  a scene at the very beginning of the 6,000-word tribute. 

Here's how the writer, liberal activist Kevin Powell, described Abrams taking the stage at a recent black women's conference in Atlanta, Georgia, courtesy of conservative blogger Stephen Miller: 
And here's how photographer Dana Scruggs captured the "runway supermodel" moment, via conservative blogger John Sexton: 
Note the cape.

Sexton went on to observe that Abrams, though long a media darling, has been getting even more positive press since she began openly campaigning to be presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden's running mate.

"Stacey is the new Beto," he said, referring to erstwhile liberal superstar and failed 2020 Democratic presidential candidate Beto O'Rourke.
  • "It's one flattering media profile after another."

Two days after the Post published its write-up on Abrams, The New York Times followed suit under the headline "Stacey Abrams Wants More Than the Vice Presidency."

Charlie Kirk, the founder of Turning Point USA, was among a number of commentators who criticized major media outlets for holding Abrams and her progressive ilk to a different — and much lower — standard than they do conversative politicians.
  • Abrams' lack of federal governing experience has been widely downplayed, Kirk noted, whereas Republican President Donald Trump's political outsider status was deemed disqualifying in 2016. 
Emerald Robinson, Newsmax's White House correspondent, saw a similar disparity in how journalists have portrayed Abrams' supporters as compared to the "deplorables."

Others conservatives refused to let the Post describe Abrams as a "supermodel" without some pushback. 

"It’s Monday, May 18, and Stacey Abrams still isn’t a supermodel," tweeted The Rebel TV host John Cardillo. 

"When did Stacey Abrams become a solar eclipse," asked the Daily Caller's Greg Price

After Tim Young  ridiculed the Post for the description, MoveOn.org, a progressive political action committee, threatened the conservative columnist in a since-deleted reply. 

The right's cynicism about Abrams and the media dates back to 2018, when she refused to concede defeat in the 2018 Georgia gubernatorial election.
  • Abrams has continued to claim, contrary to the available evidence, that she was robbed of the governorship by racially motivated voter suppression. 
  • Fact-checkers, including at the Post, have debunked Abrams' allegations, but journalists have largely deferred to her rejection of the will of the people (even while amplifying handwringing about the theoretical possibility of Trump doing the same in 2020). 
Powell, who first came to fame as a cast member on MTV's "Real World" Season 1, continued this journalistic malpractice in his profile of Abrams for the Post. 
  • Powell said Kemp being Georgia's secretary of state during the election was "like Tom Brady not only being the quarterback of his team, but the referee and the scorekeeper as well."
  • Of Abrams' misstatements about voter suppression, all Powell had to say was: "Abrams chose not to concede to Kemp, because she believes voters were disenfranchised."
  • While Powell didn't directly explain why he believes Abrams, he at one point offered a hint: "Politics is a profession that attracts fakers, but it seems to me that Abrams is, for lack of a better phrase, mad real."
Neither Abrams or the Post immediately responded to requests for comment.
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