NJ Rep to switch parties

New Jersey Democratic Representative Jeff Van Drew plans to switch political parties amidst the looming impeachment vote.

The impeachment vote is planned for this week in the House, and NJ Rep. Jeff Van Drew plans to switch to the Republican party.

Yesterday, President Trump praised Rep. Van Drew for not blindly following in the Democrats' footsteps to vote on impeachment.

Van Drew's decision comes as a shock to his party, as many of his Democratic colleagues are denouncing his choice. Van Drew deems the President's call with Ukraine to be "unsavory," but claims there is insufficient evidence to impeach.

In an interview last month, Van Drew claimed that the "'Founding Fathers had vigorous debates of whether they would even allow impeachment in the Constitution,' and that he favors allowing voters to decide the matter in next year's election" (Fox News).

Van Drew has spent the past few months criticizing the Democrat's decision to push impeachment and was one of only two Democratic Members of Congress to denounce the impeachment inquiry.
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