Nike's Vaporfly Tech Doping Dilemma

Nike’s Vaporfly running shoe technology has helped runners break records, but it raises the question of technological doping. 

Since its release, runners around the world have increased their performance and broken records while wearing Nike Vaporflies. Amongst these, is Eliud Kipchoge, the world’s fastest marathon runner, who broke the world record running the Vienna marathon in under two hours. 

Studies have shown that this running shoe’s technology, a carbon-fiber plate, and spring foam soles, increase runners' efficiency and performance by at least 4%. Many think these running shoes give runners an unfair advantage. This raises the question of whether this running shoe should be banned from marathons.

This dilemma will be addressed by the World Athletics committee later this month, to determine whether they will allow athletes to compete using Nike’s Vaporfly brand.
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