Newsmax CEO Praises Biden

The CEO of Newsmax praised President Joe Biden’s handling of the coronavirus pandemic in an op-ed published Tuesday.

So what

Influential conservatives — from Rep. Steve Scalise, R-La., to Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis to Fox News hosts — have recently pivoted to advocating COVID-19 vaccinations.

The editorial

Chris Ruddy, writing on the Newsmax website, said Biden inherited an effective vaccine from President Donald Trump, took it into his arms, and ran with it” — and “should be applauded for making a huge dent in the COVID pandemic.”

Money quote: “At Newsmax, we have strongly advocated for the public to be vaccinated. The many medical experts who have appeared on our network have been near unanimous in support of the vaccine,” added Ruddy, a Trump confidante.

Same energy 

Newsmax similarly declared its support for vaccines earlier this month after one of the rightist network’s prime-time host hosts told viewers “a vaccination is just generally kind of going against nature.”

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