Man Killed by Lightning Immediately After Media ‘Jinxed’ Him

A New Jersey man was struck and killed by lightning Wednesday just a few hours after the Washington Post tweeted out a report about a historic lull in lightning-related deaths.

The moment: MSNBC columnist Laura Bassett noted the coincidence on Twitter.

The reaction: Some commenters accused the Post of “jinxing” the unidentified man, who had reportedly been golfing during an afternoon thunderstorm when he was killed.

  • Others hoped aloud that Donald Trump would turn out to be the victim, though the former president recently relocated to a different golf club that he owns in the state.

A warning?: Earlier Wednesday, before tragedy struck, New York Times culture writer Sopan Deb had warned his Twitter followers not to listen to the Post.

  • Alas, Americans’ trust in social media is even lower than in the mainstream media.
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