Liberals Stunned by Trump’s Response to Biden Breaking Foot

President Donald Trump outraged liberals on Sunday by wishing Joe Biden a speedy recovery for a foot injury the former vice president sustained while playing with his dog, Major.

The news: Dr. Kevin O’Connor, Biden’s physician, said in a statement on Sunday that a CT scan confirmed multiple hairline fractures of the “mid-foot.”

  • O’Connor said Biden would “likely require a walking boot for several weeks.”
  • Biden’s office announced earlier in the day that he would be examined by an orthopedist after twisting his ankle on Saturday.

Trump responds: Trump on Sunday evening reacted to reports of Biden’s injury, tweeting, “Get well soon!”

Some liberals, including Talking Points memo founder Josh Marshall, were shocked by Trump’s expression of concern.

“Sir, this … this can’t possibly be you,” Marshall tweeted.

Others, however, doubted the sincerity of the president’s message and expressed outrage at what they viewed as “trolling.”

“I called it. I knew he would pounce on this as a sign of weakness. Just ridiculous,” tweeted one commenter.

And some Trump supporters also interpreted the president’s tweet as a mocking swipe at Biden.

“Savage…..total savage,” tweeted Turning Point USA contributor and podcast host Graham Allen.

Cause for concern? Biden’s critics have repeatedly questioned whether the former vice president is mentally or physically capable of serving as president.

  • Conservative commentators have repeatedly highlighted the gaffe-prone Biden’s garbled public statements as evidence of his purported cognitive decline.
  • At 78, Biden would be the oldest president in American history.
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