Liberals Outraged After Tucker Says Democrat Senator Who Lost Both Legs in Combat Is a ‘Coward’

Fox News host Tucker Carlson on Tuesday escalated his harsh criticism of Sen. Tammy Duckworth, an Illinois Democrat who lost both her legs during combat in Iraq.

​​​​​​Then: Carlson initially slammed Duckworth, a retired lieutenant colonel, on "Tucker Carlson Tonight" on Monday, suggesting she hated America. 
  • He took issue with her appearance on CNN over the weekend, when she said Americans should be open to arguments for the removal of statues of George Washington.
On CNN, Duckworth also criticized a speech delivered by President Donald Trump at Mount Rushmore on Friday in which he denounced the tearing down of historic statues, stressed the richness of America's heritage and defended the founders.
  • Duckworth said Mount Rushmore stood on land "stolen from Native Americans" and claimed that Trump in his speech “spent all his time talking about dead traitors," though he did not actually mention any Confederates. 
  • "It's long been considered out of bounds to question a person's patriotism," Carlson said, after playing a clip of Duckworth's comments on CNN. "It's a very strong charge and we try not to ever make it. But in the face of all this, the conclusion can't be avoided: These people actually hate America."
Now: Carlson said on the latest episode of his show that Duckworth's Army service should not make her immune to censure and that she was a “moron” and “coward” for not coming on his show.
  • “You’re not supposed to criticize Tammy Duckworth in any way because she once served in the military. Most people just ignore her,” he said.
  • The top-rated prime-time host also said that Duckworth viewed Washington as “just some old white guy who needs to be erased.”
  • “Let’s tear down his statues, rename our capital city Sharpton or Mandela and let the revolution continue!” Carlson said sarcastically, referring to black rights activist Al Sharpton and anti-apartheid revolutionary and former South Africa President Nelson Mandela.

David French, a senior editor at The Dispatch, tweeted on Tuesday that there was “far more objective evidence that Tammy Duckworth loves this country than there is that Tucker Carlson does.”

"You know what's unpatriotic? Calling your opponents unpatriotic," said CNN senior political analyst John Avlon on-air on Wednesday.

Vice President Duckworth? Duckworth has reportedly made the short list to be presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden’s running mate.

  • Some have predicted Carlson’s attacks have boosted her odds of getting the job.
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