Liberals Insist Biden Looks 'Pretty Badass' in Face Mask Photo After Conservatives Mock Him

After President Donald Trump appeared to mock Joe Biden for wearing a face mask on Monday, liberals jumped to the former vice president’s defense, saying that he actually looked “freaking styling” in the protective gear.

Trump strikes: Following Biden’s attendance at a Memorial Day event for veterans, the president retweeted remarks made by Fox News host Brit Hume. The reaction: While many conservatives mocked Biden’s appearance, liberals insisted he looked “pretty badass”:
  • MSNBC contributor and University of Alabama law professor Joyce Alene said Biden’s mask made him look “like a president & a leader.”
  • “This is what a real manly man looks like,” declared one popular Twitter personality.
  • And Scott Collura, an executive editor for gaming website IGN, tweeted that Biden was “freaking styling” in his mask.
The politics of masks: As the broader conversation surrounding the coronavirus pandemic has become ideologically fraught, even the issue of wearing masks has taken on partisan dimensions.
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