LGBT Pride Flag Gets Controversial Redesign

The LGBT pride flag was redesigned yet again this week in the name of greater inclusion, but not everyone was feeling included.


In unfurling the updated rainbow flag Tuesday on Twitter, the Pride account declared it “to be more inclusive and to better represent the intersex community” of people who were born with both male and female anatomy.


The new flag’s creator and other activists on Twitter have celebrated the symbolic expansion of the LGBT community, but some prominent members of sexual and gender minorities have questioned the need to add one more pride flag to a long list.

Gay journalists Andrew Sullivan and Katie Herzog, who reject the LGBT label, made clear where they stand on the proliferation of pride flags.

Meanwhile, conservative critics of LGBT activism have noted that not all intersex people wish to be associated with the LGBT community.

  • “Within intersex circles, there are now some activists pushing back at what they see as the co-option of their medical conditions by trans activists who use the example of intersex conditions to support their contention that biology (and gender) aren’t ‘binary,’ but rather exist on a continuum,” Angus Fox reported Monday in Quillette.
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