Joe Biden's Gaffes

Throughout his career as an elected official Joe Biden has been known to let the wrong words slip out of his mouth.

Most recently, in his efforts to gather support from the black community, people have recalled his gaffes that have slipped out while doing that very thing.  One of the first examples that comes to mind took place during Biden’s speaking engagement at the Asian & Latino Coalition.  It was at the Coalition’s event where he stated, “poor kids are just as bright and just as talented as white kids.”  

Another example includes a statement he made during a meeting with prominent black mayors in Georgia.  When speaking on the problems that black communities face Biden stated that the problem is the, “parents can’t read or write themselves.” (New York Times)

Those are not the only examples to pull from. It will be interesting to see how Biden does in the Nevada and South Carolina primaries, two states with a larger minority population than New Hampshire or Iowa.  
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