Hair Dye's Link to Breast Cancer

Under a study conducted by the National Institutes of Health, it has been found that women using permanent hair dye have higher rates of breast cancer than those who don’t.

The study involved more than 45,000 women and found a positive link between hair dye and breast cancer.

The link was found particularly stronger in African American women.  African American women were linked with a 60% higher risk of contracting breast cancer while using chemically laced hair dyes compared to an 8% increased risk for white women.

While it is a known fact that hair products contain many chemicals, the reason for higher correlations in African American women is unclear.  However, some researchers link it to the fact that products labeled for African American women contain higher doses of hormone disrupting chemicals.

Although correlation doesn't necessarily equal causation, it does raise concerns about the amount of carcinogens found inside of hair products.  Some recommendations made by the American Cancer Society include: always wear gloves when dying your hair, follow instructions closely and never mix hair dyes.
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