Guess Who Supports Busing Illegal Migrants?

More Hispanic voters agree than disagree with Republican governors sending illegal migrants to liberal states and cities, according to a new poll.


To Democrats’ dismay, Hispanics are looking more and more like the rest of America politically.


A Politico/Morning Consult poll published Wednesday found Hispanics are about as likely as registered voters overall to support the recent headline-grabbing transports of illegal migrants from the southern border.

Hispanic voters were significantly less likely than all voters (35%) to oppose the stunts by Govs. Greg Abbott of Texas, Doug Ducey of Arizona and Ron DeSantis of Florida.


The Democratic Party — which has long counted on overwhelming support from Hispanics — has lately appeared to be losing its grip on the fastest-growing U.S. minority group.

  • A New York Times/Sienna College published Sunday saw the Democrats up just 24 points among Hispanic voters ahead of the November midterm elections.
  • In a June special election, the GOP flipped a majority-Hispanic a congressional district in South Texas, prompting some Democratic elected officials and strategists to sound the alarm.
  • Hispanics voted Democrat by 26 points in 2020, 40 points in 2018 and 42 points in 2016.
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