Grim Reaper of COVID Shamed Beachgoers for Failing to Social Distance — Guess Where He Is Now

A Florida attorney who dressed as the Grim Reaper last month to shame beachgoers who violated social distancing guidelines is now exhibiting a starkly different attitude toward demonstrators gathering in large groups for racial justice.

Then: Here's what Santa Rosa Beach resident Daniel Uhlfelder was doing in May to protest the opening of Florida beaches amid the coronavirus pandemic: Now: Here's Uhlfelder in a photo he shared to Twitter on Tuesday, which shows him attending a Black Lives Matter protest alongside a "Huge crowd": A double standard? Following protests in response to the death of George Floyd, conservatives have argued that decrees over when it is and is not acceptable to flout coronavirus prevention measures are dependent on having the right political views.
  • Experts, meanwhile, predict a spike in coronavirus infections stemming from a lack of social distancing at protests.
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