Georgia State Rep Enrages Fellow Dems by Crowd-Surfing Over Mask-less Trump Supporters at Rally

A Democratic Georgia state representative alarmed and angered liberals by crowd-surfing at a campaign rally for President Donald Trump on Friday in Macon, Georgia.

The video: Vernon Jones — a self-described “conservative Democrat” who broke with his party in April to endorse President Donald Trump — was seen in images posted to social media smiling and flashing a thumbs-up sign as the crowd held him aloft.

Jones touted the moment on his Twitter account, declaring the “#trumptrain” was “about to steam roll over corrupt [Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden], #fakeliberalnews, and the [Democratic National Committee].”

  • According to Jones, more than 7,000 people came out to the MiddleGeorgia Regional Airport to support the president.
  • Jones, who addressed the rally before diving into the crowd, was one of many attendees to opt out of wearing a mask.

The reaction: A number of conservative commentators joined Jones in celebrating his rock-star reception.

But many of Jones’ fellow Democrats, as well as left-leaning commentators and journalists, condemned him for flouting the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s coronavirus guidelines.

The Daily Beast’s Blake Montgomery reported that Jones had taken “his commitment to defying COVID-19 guidelines to a new level.”

CNN commentator Keith Boykin, a former Democratic operative, on Twitter called Jones a “clown” and said the lawmaker would be getting no sympathy from him if he contracted COVID-19.

MSNBC anchor Joy Reid described Jones’ actions as “painfully humiliating.”

Jones defiantly addressed his critics in a tweet on Saturday, saying, “Yes, I surfed that crowd!”

  • “To the haters – stay mad! You’ll be even more mad come November 3rd!” he added.