Fox News Interviews Illegal Immigrant Smuggler at Border – Asks Him If He Has a Message for Biden

While reporting live from the U.S.-Mexico border on Wednesday, a Fox News correspondent asked an alleged migrant smuggler if he had any words for President Joe Biden.

The segment: Against a backdrop of mounting criticism toward Vice President Kamala Harris over her handling of the border crisis, Fox News reporter Griff Jenkins spoke with various migrants making the trek from Tamaulipas, Mexico into Del Rio, Texas.

Memorable quotes: Jenkins approached one man, purportedly a smuggler of illegal immigrants, who was sitting in the middle of the river and began shouting questions at him in broken Spanish.

  • “Neil, he’s not saying anything about how much he’s getting paid or if he has a message for President Biden,” Griffin told Fox News host Neil Cavuto.
  • “Not entirely sure why the smuggler is sitting in the middle of the river here but we’re going to continue to monitor it and bring it to you as we get it.”
  • In a later segment, Jenkins continued questioning the man, who claimed he was smuggling immigrants to “help” them.

Context: The president has tasked Harris with taking the lead on addressing the surge of migrants seeking to enter the United States from its southern border.

  • Harris’ response has led to criticism, even among members of her own party and reportedly sparked concern from within the administration.
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