Elizabeth Warren Sneaks ‘Secret BLM’ Message Into DNC Speech

Sen. Elizabeth Warren sent a hidden political message to viewers during her Wednesday night speech at the virtual Democratic National Convention.

The message: Warren, a Massachusetts Democrat, gave the five-minute address from a classroom in Springfield, Massachusetts, and on shelves behind her alphabet-letter blocks spelled out "BLM," the initialism for Black Lives Matter.

The Twitter account of Warren's aborted 2020 presidential campaign pointed to various other symbolic "surprises sprinkled throughout" the set.

The reaction: Some left-wing Twitter users were delighted by the Black Lives Matter "easter egg."

But others said Warren, an avowed supporter of nationwide Black Lives Matter protests, had not earned the right to display the three ideology-laden letters.

For yet others, the colorful children's blocks triggered bitter memories of when Warren in January played the gender card against fellow leftie Sen. Bernie Sanders, a Vermont independent, effectively breaking their truce as Democratic presidential primary candidates.

The speech: Warren didn't actually mention the Black Lives Matter movement in her remarks at the DNC, which has sought to project a moderate face to the American public.

  • A former teacher, Warren focused on Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden's childcare plan, saying: It's time to recognize that childcare is part of the basic infrastructure of this nation. It's infrastructure for families."

In keeping with the theme of the night, Warren also blamed President Donald Trump for the coronavirus pandemic and the associated economic collapse — crises she said were "falling hardest on black and brown families."

Warren's address went smoother than her appearance at a meeting of the Native American Caucus during the previous night of the DNC.

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