Election day

The first Tuesday of November marks election day across the nation. While today’s election is not the scale of the 2018 national election, as it is not as widespread and does not have as many elected positions as last year, some key political positions are at stake today.
Citizens of Mississippi and Kentucky will cast their vote for Governor in their respective states. In Mississippi, Republican Lieutenant Governor Tate Reeves is running against Democrat Attorney General Jim Hood; and in Kentucky, Republican Governor Matt Bevin faces Democrat and current Attorney General Andy Beshear.
Recent polls in Kentucky show Bevin and Beshear in a near tie at 46%, while in Mississippi, Hood leads by a narrow margin of 3 points. Both Republican candidates have been loyal supporters of the Trump administration, and their affiliation with the President could lead to a favorable outcome today.
Last night, President Trump held a successful rally in Kentucky, as he encouraged voters to head to the polls today, while also promoting his America First Agenda. In the 2016 Presidential election, President Trump won the state by nearly 62%.
While both states lean right, the Democrats are hoping to experience the same success they did in the 2018 election, where the ‘Blue Wave’ swept across the nation and turned many seats and positions from red to blue.
In other states such as Virginia, voters will decide which party will control the state legislature. In Virginia, Republicans hold a narrow lead, but the state government has gradually been shifting left. Today’s election will determine which party will control state affairs.
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