Deval Patrick's Presidential Run

Former Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick had been mulling a presidential run for the past few days, but today he confirmed his candidacy for President of the United States.
In an online video posted early Thursday morning, Gov. Deval Patrick announced he is running for President. The video showcases Patrick’s upbringing in Chicago’s south side and his transition to the Massachusetts State House, where he was governor for two terms from 2007 to 2015.
The deadline to qualify to participate in the November Democratic debate has passed, which makes Gov. Patrick even later to participate in the already crowded field. While Pete Buttigieg, Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren, and Joe Biden have led the polls throughout the past few months, the plethora of candidates leaves little room for newcomers.
The remaining Democratic candidates have had months to fundraise and gain name recognition, Gov. Patrick enters the race at a disadvantage due to his delayed start. With the critical Iowa caucuses and New Hampshire primary just months away, Patrick has little time to make up for lost ground.
Former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg also debated a Presidential bid and filed to be a candidate in the Alabama and Arkansas primary elections, which are set to occur in early 2020. However, he failed to enter into the New Hampshire primary election. New Hampshire is a notoriously pivotal state for elections, and Bloomberg’s choice to not enter that race may hurt his overall success in his presidential run.
Governor Patrick’s candidacy will undoubtedly face hurdles in the months ahead, as to qualify for the Democratic debate stage in December, a crucial opportunity for voters to learn about Patrick’s policies, he will need at least 200,000 unique financial contributions, and must be polling at least 4% to 6% in national and state polls.
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