Dem Mayor Tells Citizens It's Too Dangerous to Gather Outside With Strangers – Then A Damning Photo Emerges

Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti has been accused of hypocrisy after telling residents to stop socializing due the coronavirus pandemic.

Now: Garcetti, a Democrat, said at a press conference on Monday that such gatherings are an unacceptable form of complacency that put lives at risk.

  • He also announced the city's second coronavirus lockdown in response to a surging caseload in California.

"Do not host a party, do not attend a gathering, don't treat this like a normal summer break," he said.

  • The clip was later posted to the mayor's Twitter and Facebook accounts as a standalone public service announcement.

Then: Social media commentators noted that Garcetti had appeared without a face mask at a Black Lives Matter protest outside LA City Hall on June 2.

Garcetti, who unsuccessfully banned fireworks displays ahead of July Fourth, had initially removed his mask to deliver a speech to the crowd.

A double standard? After seeing how opinion-makers evaluated the public health threat from Black Lives Matter protests versus from gatherings cherished by conservatives, some skeptics have concluded the standards depend on whether or not you have the right political views. 

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