Criminal Justice reform plan

Today, President Trump and Democratic leaders plan to address criminal justice reform during a trip to South Carolina.
Benedict College in Columbia, South Carolina will host a forum including President Trump and Democratic candidates as they discuss reforming the U.S. criminal justice system.
In 2017, President Trump and the Republican House majority signed the Criminal Justice Reform Act into law. The bipartisan legislation enacted many changes ranging from narrowing minimum prison sentences to focusing on punishments for various types of crimes ranging from drug offenses to violent crimes.
President Trump is the keynote speaker today and will address the forum with his plan towards further progress for criminal justice reform. He is accompanied at Benedict College by Democrats including Joe Biden, Elizabeth Warren, Bernie Sanders, and other candidates, who will all share their policy ideas on improving the U.S. prison system.
During Pres. Trump’s tenure, his administration signed the First Step Act into law, which includes lowering mandatory minimum sentences, and expanding prison programs that target drug rehabilitation and promote good behavior.
The administration also lowered the sentence of falsely accused convicts, and made a significant impact in the criminal justice system.
Some of the Democratic front-runners have proposed policies that would drastically alter the nation’s prison system. Former Vice President Joe Biden supports eliminating prison sentences for drug use, decriminalizing marijuana, and reforming the juvenile justice system.
Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders’ radical plan includes banning for-profit prisons and end the ‘three-strikes’ policy that has been in effect for decades. While all plans aim to alter and improve the criminal justice system, both parties will be able to share their policy proposals this weekend.
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