CNN Host Gets $100 Million From Jeff Bezos for His ‘Courage’

After returning from the edge of space Tuesday, Jeff Bezos awarded CNN’s Van Jones his new $100 million philanthropic award.

So what

Bezos’ inaugural “Courage and Civility Award” — which went to both Jones and celebrity chef José Andrés to donate to charities of their choosing — was panned from the left and right as a self-serving media spectacle.

What happened

Jones emotionally accepted the award from Bezos during a press conference in Van Horn, Texas, just hours after the Amazon and Blue Origin founder visited sub-orbital space in an oddly shaped rocket.

Money quote: “The only thing I worry about when you say courage — I haven’t always been courageous,” Jones told Bezos, the owner of the Washington Post.

Same energy

New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo won an Emmy for his televised COVID-19 updates — before revelations about his handling of nursing home patients and female aides engulfed him in scandal.

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