Chachi and The Fonz Get Into Twitter Fight Over Texas Democrats Who Fled Their State

Henry Winkler and Scott Baio, two ’80s sitcom stars on opposite ends of the political spectrum, sparred verbally on Twitter over the Texas House Democrats who fled their state to thwart an electoral reform bill and ended up testing positive for coronavirus.

So what

They may have once starred on the same sitcom, but it looks like the “Happy Days” have truly come to an end for Chachi and Fonzie’s relationship.

where it all went wrong

On Monday, Baio, an outspoken conservative who played Chachi on “Happy Days” and “Joannie Loves Chachi,” appeared to mock the Texas Democrats. This sparked the ire of Winkler, who starred in “Happy Days” as Arthur Herbert Fonzarelli, aka, “The Fonz.”

The drama continues

Baio responded to his former co-star’s tut-tutting by calling the Texas lawmakers, who last week boarded private jets maskless and flew to Washington D.C., “grandstanding politicians” who “flouted the rules.”

Winkler has yet to respond.

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