Canada's Election puts Trudeau at risk

Monday marks election day in Canada, as the nation will elect a new Prime Minister, and the fate of current Liberal Party leader Justin Trudeau is at stake.
Trudeau has been the leader of the Liberal Party since 2013, and has been Canada’s Prime Minister since 2015. While PM Trudeau has been a popular leader for four years, in recent weeks, he has received significant backlash for photos released showing him dressed in blackface and brownface when he was younger.
Today’s election will be close, as polls show the Liberal Party leader nearly tied with Andrew Scheer of the Conservative Party. If Scheer wins the Parliament majority and overtakes PM Trudeau, he would “be the first Canadian leader in 84 years to be ousted after one four-year term” (The Week).
In 2013, Trudeau won nearly 80% of the votes within the Liberal Party. Prime Minister Trudeau once enjoyed popularity and a high approval rating, but his image has been tarnished in recent weeks due to the controversial and scandalous photos, which puts Trudeau in a risky position for reelection.
To win the election, Trudeau or Scheer will need to win a majority of the Parliament's 338 seats, which will be difficult, as polls remain nearly even. If Prime Minister Trudeau loses the election, it will be a check on his Liberal policies and his past.
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