Boeing on Capitol Hill

A hearing on Capitol Hill on Wednesday between the CEO of Boeing and lawmakers became heated as both Democratic and Republican Representatives barraged CEO Dennis Muilenburg to resign over the tragedies related to the airplane manufacturer.

The previous day, Muilenburg was questioned by members of the Senate. In the second day of hearings, members from the House questioned him about the two crashes that happened internationally within five months, taking the lives of 346 combined passengers.
The House Members from the Committee on Transportation and Infrastructure united against the airline CEO and questioned his ethics in the wake of the crashes. Muilenburg repeatedly claimed responsibility for his company’s mistakes but has yet to resign. He admitted that the company made mistakes in failing to oversee their planes’ flight-control system, which caused most of the tragedies. 
While he has lost his title of Boeing chairman, the House Members were dissatisfied that he remains a figurehead of the company. Muilenburg defended his position, claiming that in the challenging situation, it is his responsibility to stick with Boeing and help the company work through their issues to improve in the future.
Several Members noted that despite Boeing’s tragedies, his yearly salary exceeds $23 million, and he even received a $13 million bonus after an Indonesian Lion Air flight crashed in late 2018.
The hearings were aimed to target Muilenburg, but no substantial progress was made in addressing the way the FAA certifies airplanes, discussing upgraded safety standards, or the way Boeing will operate in the future.
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