America Hates Billionaire Space Nerd Jeff Bezos More Than Ever

Jeff Bezos, the billionaire Amazon founder and nemesis of former President Donald Trump, is enduring vicious mockery from the American public following his trip to space earlier this week.

So what

His products may be popular, but Bezos – viewed by many as the epitome of an out of touch corporate overlord – definitely is not.

What happened

Bezos and crew took off on Tuesday in the New Shepard rocket built by Blue Origin, Bezos’ spaceflight company.

  • The astronauts landed safely in a Texas field after a 10-minute flight.
  • Twitter users reacted by mocking everything about the trip – from the awkward shape of the space ship, to hoping that Bezos would stay in space permanently.
  • Meanwhile, Bezos was accused of being “tone deaf” after he said Amazon workers and customers had “paid for all this” during a press conference on Tuesday.
The poll

A YouGov survey released on Monday shows the disdain for Bezos extends beyond Twitter: 49% of respondents said they have an unfavorable opinion of the Amazon founder, making him one of the most unpopular billionaires in America.

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